Assaluyeh power plant project nearly complete

January 30, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Construction operations of the Assaluyeh power plant project have been finished and all the steam turbines have been mounted, project manager Mehdi Khabbaz Pisheh announced here on Tuesday.

According to IRNA, the gas-fueled generators of the power plant, comprising six 159-MW turbines, are being installed.
Through the installation of three 160-MW steam turbines, the plant’s power generation capacity will be increased to 1400 megawatts.
The power plant will consume some 300 cu. m. of natural gas per hour, he said, adding that the two operating units of the power plant are gasoline-fueled.
When the power plant is connected to the national power grid, it will help stabilize the country’s electricity generation system. The project will also encourage private-run companies to invest more in the sector