Winners of Iran’s Book of the Year Awards announced

February 9, 2008

TEHRAN –- Winners of the 15th edition of the Islamic Republic of Iran International Book of the Year Awards were announced yesterday.

Following is a list of the winning books and authors or translators:
------Islamic studies section
* Splendors of the Quran: Calligraphy and Illumination by Martin Lings (published by Thesarus Islamicus Foundation
* Giorgi Lobzhanidze’s translation of the Quran into Georgian (Tbilisi Centre for Caucasian Studies)
* Rasul Ismaeilzadeh’s translation of the Quran into Azeri (Al-Hoda Publications, Baku branch)
* God and Humans in Islamic Thought by Maha Elkaisy-Friemuth (Routledge)
* Annabel Keeler’s translation of Sufi Hermeneutics: The Quran Commentary of Rashid al-Din Maybudi (Oxford)
* Islamic Calligraphy by Sheila S.Blair (Edinburgh)
* Justice and Remembrance: Introducing the Spirituality of Imam Ali by Reza Shah-Kazemi (I.B Tauris Publishers in association with the Institute of Ismaili Studies)
* Meister Eckhart: Die Geburt der “Deutshen Mystic” aus dem Geist der arabischen philosophie by Kurt Flasch (Verlag C.H. Beck)
* The Reflective Heart: Discovering Spiritual Intelligence in Ibn Arabi’s Meccan Illuminations by James Winston Morris (Fons Vitae)
------Iranian studies section
* Safavid Iran: Rebirth of a Persian Empire by Andrew Newman (I.B. Tauris)
* Attar and the Persian Sufi Tradition by Leonard Lewisohn and Christopher Shackle (I.B. Tauris)
* Charles-Henri de Fouchecour’s translation of Hafez de Chiraz, le Divan (Verdier)
* The translation of Kouichi Haneda and Yayoi Kawahara of a selection of Muntakhab-ut-Tawarikh
* The Islamic Influences in the Iranian Epic by Abdol Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim Hijab
------Masnavi Studies special section
* The Structure of Rumi’s Mathnawi by Seyed Ghahreman Safavi (London Academy of Iranian Studies -- LAIS)
* Aleksandar Jusic’s translation of Rumi’s Masnavi into Serbian (the office of the Iranian cultural attaché in Belgrade)
* Prophet Muhammad (S) in the Masnavi by Aleksander Veselinov (Al-Hoda Publications, Bulgaria branch)
* Alexei Khismatullin’s translation of the Masnavi into Russian (Saint Petersburg University Publications and the office of the Iranian cultural attaché in Moscow)