Iran to ratify additional Protocol if case returns to IAEA: MP

September 24, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN (IRNA) -- A legislator said on Tuesday that if Iran's nuclear case be taken back to the International Atomic Energy Agency from Security Council, Tehran will ratify the Additional Protocol.

Hojjatollah Falahatpisheh made the remark in an interview with IRNA, adding that IAEA should help Iran set up fuel cycle, then Majlis will ratify the Additional Protocol (which grants intrusive IAEA inspection to nuclear sites without prior notice).
The lawmaker said that former Iranian government had voluntarily accepted the protocol without ratification of the Majlis to show goodwill, but on the contrary, the agency referred Iran to the Security Council obliging the parliament to intervene to stop the process.
According to the legislator, IAEA ill performance prompted the Islamic Republic of Iran to stop implementation of the Additional Protocol.
Falahatpisheh further noted that it is possible if Iran gives concession to IAEA, the nation will get nothing in return from the UN nuclear watchdog, and that the acceptance of Additional Protocol is in violation of Iran's national interest and security.
""According to the Modality Agreement, IAEA was expected to present alleged documents on Iran's nuclear program last year, but its refusal proved that they are fabricated.""
It is very surprising that last year Iran gave answers to six questions put forward by the agency to resolve the outstanding issues in line with the Modality Agreement the two parties signed to end the U.S. incrimination, but, the agency has once again raised the U.S. accusations without documentation.
He further said that all these cases indicate that IAEA is affected by political preferences.