Iran warns India, Pakistan to beware of ‘traps’

December 4, 2008 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Iranian Majlis Speakert Ali Larijani on Wednesday warned India and Pakistan not to “stumble into the trap of” countries which seek adventures in the region.

Tensions between India and Pakistan have soared over the deadly terrorist attacks in Mumbai.
India says the attackers had Pakistani links. Pakistan has rejected the charges and announced its readiness to cooperate with Indian intelligence services in identifying the terrorists.
Larijani called the attacks “brutal”. “This event has created many ambiguities and sounds more like a preamble to new adventurous moves in the region.”
The top lawmaker called on Islamabad and New Delhi to investigate the issue calmly.
Iran has good relations with both Pakistan and India. Iran is wary of any new tension in Southwest Asia. Tehran has even called for a trilateral Iran-Pakistan-India cooperation to help settle security problems in Afghanistan.
Senior political officials in Pakistan have condemned the attacks but rejected what they called “hasty allegations” made against Islamabad.
Last week’s attacks at multiple locations in Indian’s financial capital stunned the country, with many describing it as India’s 9/11.
Thousands of people gathered late on Wednesday in Mumbai for a rally, with many protesting at the Indian government for failing to prevent the attacks.
According to BBC, Pakistan’s political parties have joined forces to sign a resolution saying they shared India’s grief after the Mumbai attacks and abhorred violence against innocent people.
But the parties also said they took strong exception to what they called “unsubstantiated allegations made in haste against Pakistan”.
Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee said a military response was not under consideration but that if Pakistan did not act, the bilateral peace process would be at risk