Hajj pilgrims end `Disavowal of Pagans' ritual, with resolution

December 8, 2008 - 0:0

ARAFAT Desert, Holy Mecca (IRNA) -- Thousands of Iranian pilgrims participating in the ""Disavowal of Pagans"" ritual in this sacred desert on Sunday issued a resolution underlining the need for solidarity among all Muslim nations.

The ralliers urged all Muslim nations, governments and ulema to refrain from any kind of dispute and urged them to help promote the unity among world Muslims.
The pilgrims condemned the U.S. hegemonic and war-mongering policies as the manifestation of state terrorism, the axis of evil, and the root cause of waging wars, creating insecurity and economic crises throughout the globe.
They denounced occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan by the U.S. forces as well as massacre of defenseless people and torture of innocent prisoners.
Expressing their hatred towards International Zionism, the ralliers condemned the rule of the Zionist regime over the occupied Palestinian territories, Israeli stockpiling nuclear arsenals in the region, conspiracies and interference of that regime in other countries' affairs and its practices of genocide against Palestinians.
Expressing their regret over indifferent attitude of the Islamic states toward the human catastrophe in the Gaza Strip, the Hajj pilgrims announced their solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese nations and expressed support with resistance movement of Hezbollah of Lebanon.