Persian handicrafts are improperly packaged: official

June 11, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Cultural official Hossein Hatefi-Farmad is convinced that Iran’s handicrafts do not enjoy good packing.

He said “Our Persian handicrafts are packed either in nylon or cigarette packs.”
Merchants often make use of empty boxes and old cigarette packs to package their goods.
Hundreds of artists, scholars, and students as well as foreign guests attended the World Handicrafts Day ceremony on Wednesday, where over 40 handicraft artists, craftsmen, and exporters from different provinces were honored.
The ceremony was held at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) International Conference Hall.
Speaking at the ceremony, Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization (CHTHO) Deputy Director for Handicrafts Hossein Hatefi-Farmad said that improper packing is the main problem of the handicrafts industry, adding, “The best way to improve this situation is to remove the obstacles in the way to exporting handicrafts, and to help develop good advertisements and marketing.”
He also announced that the CHTHO Handicrafts Department is studying the packaging of 30 products, adding that the studies will be finished in about six months.
“We are hopeful to attract many investors,” he stated.
Hatefi-Farmad also talked about the World Crafts Council Regional Assembly meeting, which is to be held in Iran in the first month of the autumn, and said that Iran had previously played host to two editions of the assembly meeting.
He also lamented the fact that despite the great number of handicrafts in Iran, the only representative of Iran in the assembly meeting so far is the CHTHO, and asked for more Iranian artists and NGOs to register for the meeting.
The Handicrafts Department is making every effort to fully support craftsmen, he said, adding that Persian carpet exports have unfortunately declined in recent years.
Photo: An embossed silver vase created by Iranian artisans in Isfahan