‘IRGC has greatly improved its missile accuracy’

August 30, 2009 - 0:0

TEHRAN – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has greatly increased its missile accuracy through obtaining advanced technology, the IRGC commander announced on Saturday.

Talking to reporters at a press conference, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said the IRGC has also improved its anti-aircraft and missile systems over the past two years.
He pointed to the IRGC’s high military preparedness, saying it has always monitored the enemies’ moves to ensure security of the country.
The IRGC’s main duties are to safeguard the Islamic Revolution and maintain security in the country in cooperation with other armed forces.
The commander said the IRGC will assure people it will do its best to maintain Iran’s internal and external security.
On the post-election unrest, he said that the IRGC and the Basij force have effectively helped the police to handle the situation.
He said that the trial of the “self-motivated” elements that had a hand in the violence would probably be held within 30 days from now.
None of the Basij forces were involved in the post-election incidents including the Tehran University dorm attack, he said, adding the attackers were plain-clothes and rogue elements.
Jafari also said the IRGC along with the Army dispatched some naval units to the Gulf of Aden to defend the Iranian commercial ships against the pirates’ attacks and they successfully accomplished their mission.
The IRGC Navy, during a 107-day mission to the Gulf of Aden, did not allow any pirates approach the Iranian ships and completed its mission without leaving any casualties, he added.
On cyber threats against the country, he said the IRGC has prepared itself in response to the increased threat of cyber warfare.
Jafari also pointed out that the IRGC forces were successful in tightening security in southeastern and northwestern Iran.
The northwestern part of the country was threatened by the enemies over the past years as some antirevolutionary elements have launched sporadic attacks against the country.
However, the IRGC and Basij forces have succeeded to establish security in these regions after they conducted a series of operations against antirevolutionary parties, PJAK (Free Life Party of Kurdistan) and other grouplets.
He said these operations showed the skillfulness of the Iranian forces and their superiority over the enemy.
Iran previously announced that it had cracked down on terrorist groups who were hiding in mountainous areas in the northwestern country.
In recent years, Iranian forces have engaged in deadly clashes with the PJAK, which operates from rear-bases in northeastern Iraq