Analyst finds Israeli fingermarks in Telegraph report

October 8, 2009 - 0:0

A leading media analyst explains 'the real motive' behind a controversial British report regarding the family background of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The Daily Telegraph recently claimed that a photograph of President Ahmadinejad, holding up his identity card ahead of the 2009 presidential election, clearly shows his family have had Jewish roots.
The report has received a great deal of media publicity over the past few days.
A senior political analyst specializing in media affairs responded to the report on Wednesday, saying that it shows that British dailies, such as the Daily Telegraph, are taking their cue from Israeli leaders.
""These reports are undoubtedly published in line with Israeli interests,"" said the media analyst, who was speaking on conditions of anonymity.
""In light of the Goldstone report, such reports are obviously designed to divert world attention from Israeli crimes against Palestinians and the use of weapons of mass destruction in the three-week attack on the Gaza Strip,"" he continued.
The report was a result of extensive efforts by the United Nations fact finding mission, headed by Jewish South African judge Richard Goldstone.
The 575-page Goldstone report detailed numerous acts of war crime and crimes against humanity committed by Israeli soldiers during their three-week incursion into the Gaza Strip.
The media analyst added that the Telegraph report was also meant to undermine a high-level meeting between Tehran and the P5+1, in which diplomats from both sides discussed global developments based on Iran's recently-submitted package of proposals.
(Source: Press TV)