Honduras crisis talks stall again

October 21, 2009 - 0:0

The latest talks on the political crisis in Honduras have stalled with both sides at odds over the fate of ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

A spokesman for Zelaya, who was exiled in June, said the interim government's proposals were insulting.
Interim leader Roberto Micheletti accused Zelaya's side of promoting “an agenda of insurrection”.
The stumbling block is whether Zelaya can return to the presidency ahead of November's elections.
Zelaya, who slipped back into Honduras in September, is insisting he be allowed to serve out his remaining weeks in office before the presidential election on 29 November.
The interim government has proposed that the country's Supreme Court and Congress should submit official proposals to the negotiating commission on Zelaya's possible reinstatement.
The Supreme Court was the body that ordered Zelaya to be removed from office in June, arguing that he had violated the constitution. Congress overwhelmingly backed this.
Negotiator Victor Meza, speaking for Zelaya, said the interim government was obstructing progress.
“We're not going to meet again until we have a constructive and serious proposal (from Micheletti),” Meza said.
Talks, while not broken off, were stalled, he said.
“Unfortunately, in recent days, ex-President Zelaya and his followers have promoted an agenda of insurrection in the country,” a statement from the interim authorities said.
A pro-Zelaya television channel and radio station, which had their offices closed and equipment confiscated, went back on air on Monday after the measures were officially rescinded.
Zelaya was sent into exile on 28 June after trying to hold a vote on whether a constituent assembly should be set up to look at rewriting the constitution.
The vote was deemed in violation of the constitution by the Supreme Court.
Zelaya's opponents accused him of trying to lift the current ban on presidential re-election to remain in office - a charge he has repeatedly denied.
(Source: BBC)