Iran’s football is political, Ghotbi says

January 7, 2010 - 0:0

SINGAPORE, Jan. 6 (MNA) -- Afshin Ghotbi said that Iranian football has extremely become a political battleground which is too hard to work in.

Iran’s coach participated in the Singapore vs. Iran post-match press conference at the Bishan Stadium. The Iranians defeated their host 3-1 in Group E Asian Cup 2011 qualifier and advanced to the final round which will be held in Qatar.
“Today, Iran’s football has unfortunately become a political battleground. As we all saw the stadium’s atmosphere was marred by skirmishes and in my opinion it is too hard to work in this condition,” Ghotbi said.
“We made efforts to beat Singapore and eventually we qualified for the Asian Cup 2011. I dedicate this victory to all Iranians, in particular to Nasser Hejazi (former Iran keeper who was recently discharged from hospital),” the 45-year-old added