Meshaal calls steel wall along Gaza border a ‘wall of death’

January 12, 2010 - 0:0

Hamas political bureau chief has described the steel wall being constructed by Egypt along the border with Gaza as the “wall of death”.

The wall had nothing to do with Egypt’s security concerns for which there is no justification, Khaled Meshaal told a press conference in Doha, Qatar, on Sunday.
“Egypt’s concerns about its national security do not justify the construction of the steel wall — the “wall of death”. If there are any security concerns, Egypt should have built the wall across its long border with Israel on the Sinai desert, not on the 14km border with the Gaza strip,” the Qatari newspaper Peninsula quoted Meshaal as saying.
The Egyptian government has blocked convoys attempting to deliver badly needed aid to the Palestinian people in an effort to raise the siege of Gaza. The mobilization that brought hundreds of women and men from around the world to Rafah was met by refusal upon refusal by the Cairo authorities, along with a strategy of selective humiliation, Global Arab Network reported.
The Egyptian government becomes the ally of Israeli policy at its worst: isolating, strangling, starving, and smothering Palestinian civilian life after having eradicated hundreds.