No leniency or partiality for lawbreakers, Judiciary says

February 3, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Deputy Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi has said the Judiciary will not show any partiality or leniency toward any lawbreaker, regardless of their position, and the cases of the “leaders of sedition” will certainly be examined.

“The law for the implementation of justice treats all people equally,” so no one is immune just because he or she has connections with a certain figure, Raisi said on Monday in Qom.
Commenting on the Ashura day (December 27, 2009) incidents in Tehran, he said those who caused unrest on Ashura day aimed to create rifts and divide the people. “The main elements behind the Ashura incidents had affiliations with monarchist, communist, and Baha’i groups and their headquarters were outside of the country,” he added.
He went on to say that 11 detainees arrested on Ashura day have been sentenced to death and two of them were executed last week.
Nine other convicts have appealed, and after the rulings are upheld in the appeals court, they will be executed as well, he added.
Kahrizak incident was a peripheral issue blown out of proportion
Commenting on the Kahrizak detention center incident, Raisi said it was a peripheral issue and the Special Court for Judges will hear the case of Saeed Mortazavi.
Former Tehran prosecutor general Saeed Mortazavi is the main official blamed for the Kahrizak incident, in which three post-election detainees were killed.
The Kahrizak incident was hyped up and raised concerns in society, and some people tried to take advantage of the incident, he opined.
“The main issue should not be forgotten. (In this incident) the Leadership, the establishment, and the nation were wronged.”
Rafsanjani’s children will be tried
Elsewhere in his remarks, he said that the cases of Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Rafsanjani’s children will be heard.
“In a (recent) session (of Judiciary officials), the Judiciary chief insisted that the cases of Rafsanjani’s children should be brought to court,” he added