Ahmadinejad discusses Lebanon with Nasrallah, Suleiman

February 20, 2010 - 0:0

TEHRAN – In separate telephone conversations on Thursday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discussed the situation in Lebanon with Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah and Lebanese President Michel Suleiman.

Ahmadinejad praised the Hezbollah leader for his courage and position toward Israeli military threats against Lebanon.
Ahmadinejad told Nasrallah that the resistance movement should be in full military preparedness so that if the Zionists launch a new war against Lebanon, the Hezbollah forces would retaliate to “close their case once and for all.”
If “they (the Israelis) want to repeat the mistakes of the past, then their case should be closed once and for all and the region gets rid of their evil forever,” Ahmadinejad told Nasrallah.
Ahmadinejad added, “The Zionists greatly fear resistance, the people of Lebanon and the region and want to compensate for their past failures in Gaza and Lebanon because they feel their existence is being endangered. However, (they) do not have the courage to do so because they fear its consequences.”
For his part, Nasrallah said the Zionist regime is not in a situation to start a new war. He said the regime’s war threats are just aimed at creating a climate of fear in the region.
In either case Israel cannot do anything, the Hezbollah chief noted.
The Hezbollah leader threatened on Tuesday if Israel bombs Beirut airport the resistance movement will retaliate by targeting Tel Aviv airport.
-----------Unity among Muslim countries dispels Zionist threat
In his talks with President Suleiman, Ahmadinejad said unity between Lebanon, Syria and other friendly countries would undermine the Zionist regime.
Ahmadinejad said that the Zionist regime would not benefit from any military actions against Lebanon.
However, Ahmadinejad said it is essential to be prepared for any possible military threat by Israel since the Zionist regime is seeking to take revenge for its defeats in the 33-day war against Lebanon and the 22-day war against Gaza.
Suleiman briefed Ahmadinejad on the situation in Lebanon, saying the Zionist regime is furious with the fact that Lebanon has restored its national security and improved its political and economic situation.
The Tel Aviv regime is making efforts to show that Syria, Lebanon and Palestine are posing a serious threat to Israel, Suleiman added.
The Lebanese president also said that the different Lebanese political groups are fully prepared for any possible military adventure by Israel against their country