Iran hangs Abdolhamid Rigi

May 24, 2010

TEHRAN -- Iran executed Abdolhamid Rigi, brother of Jundullah terrorist group leader Abdolmalek Rigi in Zahedan, Sistan-Baluchestan province, this morning.

According to the Public Relation Department of Zahedan Prosecutor’s Office, Abdolhamid Rigi had been executed on Monday morning.
He was convicted of carrying out terrorist acts, including armed robberies, abductions, armed struggles against police forces in several Iranian cities, and heavy weapons smuggling as well as being a mohareb, which means an enemy of God, a crime punishable by death in Iran.
Abdolhamid Rigi was a member of Jundullah terrorist group.
The convict was hanged at Zahedan’s Prison on Monday after the Supreme Court upheld his death sentence.