Iran test-fires upgraded hawk missile near Arak nuclear site

January 20, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Iran test-fired an upgraded version of Hawk missile near Arak heavy water nuclear reactor on Wednesday.

The surface-to-air missile, which has been upgraded by the experts at Khatamol-Anbiya air base, was test-fired near Khondab - where the nuclear reactor is located - and successfully hit the mock target.
The test was aimed at assessing the level of readiness of missiles stationed in the vicinity of Iran’s sensitive and vital sites, Colonel Abolfazl Farmahini of the Khatamol-Anbiya air base said on Wednesday.
Farmahini added, “Velayat sky defenders of the Khatamol-Anbiya are in full defensive preparedness.”
He went on to say that Khatamol-Anbiya air base regularly conducts such tests to promote the country’s defense capabilities.
Iran’s Air Force has tested several anti-aircraft defense systems, including the anti-cruise Tor-M1 and S-200 anti-aircraft missile system.
The Tor-M1 is a short range missile, which can be used to counter fixed-and rotary-wing aircraft, UAVs, and cruise missiles flying between medium and very low altitudes.
The S-200 system is a long range and surface-to-air missile system designed to defend large areas from bomber attacks and other aircrafts