April 5, 2011 - 0:0

Afghanistan policeman shot dead two U.S. soldiers

@H= FARYAB (Bloomberg) - A uniformed member of the Afghan Border Police killed two U.S. soldiers who were visiting the force’s headquarters in the northwestern province of Faryab, border police commander Najmuddin Sardari said.
The attack came after a dozen U.S. Army troops drove in armored vehicles to the border police headquarters in the provincial capital, Meymaneh, for a routine meeting on cooperation, Sardari said in a phone interview from his office.
As the police commander met three U.S. officers, “we heard gunshots outside,” Sardari said. “When we ran out, two American troops had been shot by one of our policemen, who then threw down his weapon and fled.”
The killing of U.S. and allied troops by an Afghan in uniform was the latest of a half-dozen such incidents in the past 18 months, as the U.S. accelerates a program to expand Afghan forces that are to take over security duties in several cities and provinces this year. In the deadliest attack, a member of the border unit killed six U.S. troops in November during a training mission in eastern Afghanistan.
Monday’s killing came as hundreds of Afghans demonstrated for a fourth day against the burning of the copies Holy Quran, by Terry Jones, a U.S. Christian cleric in Florida. After nine people, including seven UN workers were killed in the first two days, protests yesterday in Jalalabad and Monday in Mehtarlam caused no deaths, officials said.