Suicide bombers subject of new Iranian film

April 5, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- An Iranian director has put the spotlight on suicide bombers in his latest movie entitled “Once Upon a Time Afghanistan”.

The film reveals untold story of the people who hide bombs on their bodies, killing themselves and others, director Hamidreza Charakchian told the Persian service of the Fars News Agency on Sunday.
No more details were given about the story of the film.
Shooting began on March 21 in Balkh, northern Afghanistan, at Rauza-e Sharif, a place which annually plays host to a large number of people gathering to celebrate Noruz, he said.
Charakchian needed the large crowd for his film, but gathering such a large crowd would have been impossible for his crew at any other time.
“Under conditions of tight security, the relevant scenes were taken easily with the help of the Balkh officials and the Afghan Film Organization,” he stated.
Shooting will resume in Mazar-i-Shrif in June after other members join the cast.
Charakchian’s other credits include “On, Off, On”, “All These Fish”, “This Noble Town” and “Once Upon a Time Bosnia”.