Works by 6-year-old sculptor on display at Niavaran complex

April 5, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Sculptures by 6-year-old artist Mahdyar Arab are currently on display at the Ahmad-Shahi Pavilion (Kushk-e Ahmad-Shahi) of the Niavaran Cultural Historical Complex.

A total of 45 artworks created by Mahdyar are on display at the venue until April 14. The young genius sculptor will also hold workshops for enthusiasts every day at the venue.
Mahdyar made different animals with his small hands with newspapers when he was only three. He watched the documentaries on animal life meticulously. He kept the scenes in his mind and after the program, he began to cut animal patterns from newspapers.
After a while, his family acquainted him with paste and he enjoyed making three-dimension animals. Living in Mashhad, Mahdayar shined in a children’s creativity workshop which was held in his hometown by art expert Maziar Ranjbar.
There is no gap between his watching and practicing. He imagines the gestures of the animals and materializes them in his artworks. The protective sense of male animals and the delicacy and maternal feelings of the female animals are manifested in his works.