Capello : I know more than 100 words!

April 6, 2011 - 0:0

Fabio Capello has again hit back - in Italian - over his command of English and insisted it extends to 'far more' than 100 words.

The England manager caused uproar when, after being quizzed over his limited linguistic skills, he claimed he only needed 100 words to communicate with his players.
Stung by the reaction of many who saw it as paying lip service to the responsibilities of English football’s top job, Capello swiftly added that he was referring only to ‘technical’ matters.
He was clearly still bristling over the controversy, as he appeared at a presentation ceremony at a town near Bari and was asked, in Italian, how he makes himself understood to England’s players.
‘When I said I could get by on 100 words, I was talking about football jargon and what is needed to make sure the players know exactly what I want them to do,’ he said.
‘I did use the word “technical” in my answer, and the meaning of that is very simple.
‘In Italy, we have a saying for using the sides of the pitch. In England, they like to talk about working the channels.
'It’s all about different expressions, and I know the English ones that I want my players to adopt.
‘That’s what I meant when I said I only needed 100 technical words to put my message across to the England players.
'But that doesn’t mean I only know 100 words of English. Of course, I know far more than that.’
(Source: DailyMail)