Iran’s Bald Champion now graces Spanish museum

April 6, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Iranian stage director Zahra Sabri has donated the Bald Champion, one of the Iranian national puppets, to the museum of the Tolosa International Puppetry Center in Spain.

Sabri sojourned in Spain to stage “The Earth and the Universe”, the opening event at the TOT Festival in Barcelona, which was held from March 18 to 27.
“After our performance in Barcelona, we travelled Tolosa to give a performance in this city, which was welcomed by the audiences,” she mentioned.
“We have four performances in Barcelona and one in Tolosa. Sabri held a workshop during which she introduced Pupak Azimpur’s book about the Iranian theater and Puppet Theater,” one of the puppeteers Roxana Bahram told the Persian service of Fars News Agency.
The play has creativity so that it can establish a connection with audiences wherever it is performed, she added.
“The Earth and the Universe” by Zahra Sabri is an adaptation of seven stories taken from the “Masnavi” which is a series of 424 spiritual stories by Rumi.
The Bald Champion (Pahlavan Kachal) is a classic Iranian dramatic character who is a poor young man courting a rich businessman's girl, who quarrels with her father. This play was meant to criticize rich and greedy businessmen.
Behzad Gharibur donated Mobarak puppet to the museum. The museum has an outstanding collection from different countries around the world. The Asian countries have provided the broadest range of puppets. However, the exhibition also has an extensive selection from America, Africa and Europe.
Photo: Zahra Sabri holds a Bald Champion puppet in an undated photo.