Nick Clegg 'airbrushed' out of campaign leaflets

April 13, 2011 - 0:0

Nick Clegg's popularity among voters has sunk so low that Lib Dem councilors have airbrushed him out of campaign literature for local elections in his own constituency, it was claimed.

Mr. Clegg's image was reportedly removed from some leaflets in Sheffield Hallam as councilors attempted to save their own seats ahead of local elections to be held next month.
Opponents said the Lib Dem leader had become so “toxic to his own party” that his fellow party members “don't dare” include him in their campaign material.
It came after Tavish Scott, the Lib Dem leader in Scotland, admitted Mr. Clegg made him “grimace” and that the decision to join the Conservatives in a coalition had made campaigning “difficult”.
He said: “Nick Clegg doesn't make me cry – grimace occasionally, but not cry”.
Mr. Clegg, who was last week mocked for admitting that he regularly cries while listening to music, has also been replaced by former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy on election leaflets in Scotland.
In Sheffield Hallam, his image was removed from certain leaflets distributed ahead of next month's elections.
In the past year Mr. Clegg has turned from being one of the most popular politicians in Britain to one of the most vilified, and last week was reduced to reminding voters he was a “human being, not a punchbag”.
Some Lib Dem supporters claim he has abandoned his party's ideals in exchange for power, particularly over his backtracking on university tuition fees.
Clive Betts, Labour MP for Sheffield South East, told the Daily Mail: “He's becoming more and more toxic to his own party ... Lib Dems realize Nick Clegg is so unpopular they don't dare put him on their leaflets.” A spokesman for Mr. Clegg said: “This is just one leaflet from a huge number put out by Liberal Democrats across Sheffield, including another … with Nick's image on the front and the back.”
(Source: Daily Telegraph)