Palestinian security arrest suspected collaborators

April 23, 2011 - 0:0

RAFAH, (PIC) -- Palestinian internal security sources in the Rafah district revealed that a number of suspected collaborators with the Israeli occupation were arrested over the past few days.

The sources added in a statement that was conveyed by the Hamas information office in Rafah on Thursday said that the internal security intensified their pursuit of possible collaborators after the assassination of Qassam commanders Tayseer Abu Selmeyyah and Muhammad Awajah.
The sources said that the actions resulted in the arrest of a number of suspected collaborators without revealing whether those arrested were involved in the assassinations or not.
A security official said that his department will keep on pursuing collaborators and bringing them to justice.
He added that awareness within Palestinian society has foiled dozens of attempts by the Shabak to recruit collaborators.
In another development, the Freedom Coalition has denied Thursday it received any request from Fatah faction to participate in the Freedom Flotilla 2 that it plans to send to Gaza next month.
A spokesman of the Coalition said to the Quds Press that his group didn’t receive any request from Fatah faction in this regard, opining that the fact Fatah was willing to partake in the Flotilla indicates that the movement started to correct its position regarding the Flotilla.
Fatah leader Nabil Sha'ath expressed his Movement's willingness to participate in the Flotilla, and that his Movement was supporting any popular or international action that aims to lift the siege on Gaza.