Heavy rains kill dozens in South America

April 25, 2011 - 0:0

Heavy rains and floods have cut a wide swath of death and destruction through South America in the past few weeks.

In northwestern Venezuela, at least six children have died and three adults reported missing following flashfloods caused by heavy rains, AFP reported.
All the victims belonged to the same family and were enjoying an outdoor picnic when the flood hit them, Julio Leon, Yaracuy state governor told the local television.
In Brazil, at least ten people have lost their lives and two others gone missing after heavy rains triggered landslides and floods in the country's South.
Meanwhile in Colombia, floods killed at least 20 people and destroyed thousands of homes and hectares of farmland, leaving some 1500 people homeless.
Colombia's recent rainy season has been marked as the worst in the country's history.
More rain is expected in the region over the weekend.
(Source: Press TV)