Venezuela seeks intl. mediation to end Libya war: ambassador

April 26, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – The Venezuelan ambassador to Iran has said that the Caracas government is trying to help end the war in Libya through international mediation.

“(Venezuelan President) Hugo Chavez has proposed the establishment of a mediatory committee to resolve the crisis in Libya… This committee allows for discussions about disagreements and the peaceful settlement of the crisis,” Ambassador David Velasquez told the Mehr News Agency on Monday.
“We believe that this crisis can be resolved only through diplomatic actions with the help of international mediators,” he said.
He added that many countries and international organizations have been invited to join the committee, and some countries including Iran have already agreed to the plan.
Elsewhere in his remark, Velasquez condemned the foreign countries’ intervention in internal affairs of Middle Eastern and North African countries which have been experiencing pro-democracy protests, saying “We are opposed to foreign countries’ meddling in affairs of the countries in this region.”
“In our view, these countries themselves should try to resolve problems and disagreements because the foreigners’ intervention only results in the breakdown of order in these countries, preparing the ground for foreigners’ further interference.”