Tehran’s second classic car show to open Thursday

April 26, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN -- Tehran’s second classic car show will open Thursday at Tehran’s Arg-e Azadi Art and Cultural Complex, Iran’s Touring and Automobile Club director Fariborz Ensafi said on Monday.

A collection of 80 classic automobiles will go on display including classic cars kept at Sadabad Palace Museum, he said.
Private collectors have also provided the show with their own various German, French and American automobiles.
“Most of the cars are being displayed for the first time. Some have never even been used before,” he added.
Several motorcycles and bicycles also belonging to earlier times will also be displayed at the exhibit.
Private collectors can join the committee in charge of the classic cars, which is supervised by the club.
The exhibit will run until May 2 at the venue of the complex located on Azadi St., Yadegar-e Emam highway.
Photo: Two Mercedes Benzes and a Ford are seen in an exhibition of classic cars at the courtyard of the Niavaran Palace Museum in Tehran on July 20, 2009. (Photo by Mehr)