Fajr satellite to be launched in four months

May 11, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Iran plans to launch its domestically-manufactured Fajr (victory) satellite during the first half of the Iranian calendar year (began on March 21), Asghar Ibrahimi, director of SAIRAN Aerospace Industry, announced on Tuesday.

Speaking in a seminar on Iran’s space programs held at Amir Kabri University in Tehran, Ibrahimi said Fajr satellite carries out remote sensing and topography missions.
He also said Simorgh (phoenix) satellite will be launched within the next 2 years, adding its mission is to gather data on climatic conditions and geographical positions of oil and gas pipes.
The satellite weighs 80 kilograms and it will travel in an orbit 500 kilometers above the earth’s equator, Ibrahimi explained.
Pointing to Tolou (sunrise) satellite, he said this satellite is remote-sensing, which will be ready for launch by late January 2012.
The satellite will travel in an orbit 400 kilometers above from the earth’s equator, he explained.
Ibrahimi also said Mesbah satellite will be launched into space within the next two years.
He added that the satellite is being designed and manufactured in cooperation with Italian company Carlo Gavazzi Space (CGS).
The satellite will travel in an orbit upper than 600 kilometers above the earth’s equator for about 3 to 5 years, he stated.
The satellite will take off on board a Kosmos rocket, he added