‘Saudi Arabia not in a position to attack Iran’

May 30, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN - Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi has said Saudi Arabia is not in a position to launch an attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“The House of Saud is not in a position to threaten Iran, so it should be said that the House of Saud does not have the audacity to militarily threaten Iran,” Vahidi told the Fars News Agency on Sunday.
“Even the United States cannot threaten Iran, let alone others,” he added.
Saudi Arabia is rallying Muslim nations across the Middle East and Asia to join an informal Arab alliance against Iran, in a move some U.S. officials worry could draw other troubled nations into the sectarian tensions gripping the Arab world, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Saudi officials have reportedly approached Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Central Asian states, asking them to lend diplomatic support -- and potentially military assistance in some cases -- to help stifle the revolt in Bahrain.
Asked about the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council’s recent allegations that Iran is interfering in Bahrain, Vahidi said, “Everyone who observes the incidents understands who is, in fact, interfering in Bahrain’s internal affairs.”
“With a simple glance, one can understand which country has sent its military troops to Bahrain and is interfering in the country’s affairs,” he stated.