Zionism is ‘greatest factory’ causing anti-Semitism: Rabbi Weiss

July 7, 2011 - 0:0

TEHRAN - Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss says Zionism is first and foremost responsible for anti-Semitism in the world.

“Zionism is the ‘greatest factory’ of causing and exacerbating anti-Semitism around the world,” Rabbi Weiss said in an exclusive interview with Tehran Times at Esteghlal Hotel on June 29.
Rabbi Weiss is a member of Neturei Karta International, an organization of Jews opposed to Zionism. He had visited Tehran from New York to participate in the International Conference on Global Fight against Terrorism.
Rabbi Weiss said, “Zionism is altogether in total contradiction with Judaism” and “We pray constantly for a speedy and peaceful and total dismantlement of the Zionist state.”
He said, “Judaism is a religion subservient to the Almighty but Zionism is a transformation to materialism and nationalism.”
The anti-Zionist rabbi said the real Jews are also brutally suppressed in occupied territories but the reports do not come out as the Zionists control the media.
“It is worth noting that together with the Palestinian people the Zionist state brutally oppresses the religious Jewish communities in Palestine. The media around the world do not show the brutal oppression of the religious Jews in Palestine because of the Zionists’ intimidation and control of media.”
He lashed out at Israel’s “state terrorism” in the occupied territories and said, “Violent approach is foreign to Judaism so we cannot condone violence.”
He went on to say, “We also state emphatically that the Palestinian people are the victims and their land was totally and illegitimately stolen from them.”
Rabbi Weiss who had keffiyeh around his neck as a symbol of support for Palestinians said, “We cry for the suffering of the people of Palestine.”
“Zionism and Israel is the root cause of all the bloodshed and animosity between Jews and Muslims including Arabs,” he noted.
Zionists have caused humiliation for Jews by hijacking the identity of Judaism, Weiss said.
“We as Jewish people are humiliated by what the Zionists are doing in our name. They have hijacked the name and identity of Judaism.”
The rabbi also said Jews enjoyed the hospitality of the Muslims including Arabs for centuries and in fact Arab countries were a safe haven for the Jewish people.
“There is no religious conflict between Muslims and Jews. In fact, the Jewish people enjoyed hospitality and friendship of the Muslim and Arab countries for hundreds of years.
“In fact, through history Muslims and Arab countries were a safe haven for the Jewish people.
“So it is a compounded tragedy and humiliation when we witness the Zionist occupation.
“Being aware of the beautiful history that we shared it is a terrible injustice when Zionists claim that the Arabs and Muslims hate Jews.”