Iran ready to help Argentina uncover truth about AMIA bombing

July 18, 2011

TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Ministry has expressed its readiness to enter constructive negotiations with the Argentine government to help it uncover the truth about the bombing of the Argentine Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) building in 1994.

The Foreign Ministry made the remarks in a statement issued on Sunday, a day ahead of the anniversary of the bombing, which took place on July 18, 1994.
The case of the AMIA attack has remained a mystery for 17 years, and no significant information has been provided by the Argentine government on the main cause of the incident and the real culprits.
The Argentine government only leveled false allegations against the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran that it could never prove.
Following is the full text of the Foreign Ministry statement:
The Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the main victims of terrorism, condemns any terrorist action, including the AMIA bombing in 1994, and expresses sympathy with the families of the victims of the bombing.
The Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran expresses regret over the fact that 17 years have passed since the atrocity was committed but the truth about the catastrophe has not been discovered yet and the identities of the real culprits and perpetrators are still unknown.
The ministry also denounces the fact that the truth about the criminal action has become the target of plots and political games and that Argentine officials at the time, whose illegal actions have been disclosed and convicted by the court in this regard, mislead judicial investigation and set the stage for the escape of real culprits behind the atrocity from the hands of justice through pointing a finger of blame at a number of nationals of the Islamic Republic of Iran. (The ministry) is also dismayed at the continuation of this trend by those who have been serving in the country’s judicial system since the time (of the incident).
The Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran hopes that it will be able to publish and provide public opinion with a report in order to shed light on the details of this unjust and deviant trend.
According to the rules of the Islamic Republic of Iran and international law, the Foreign Ministry is obliged to prevent the rights of its nationals from being violated and to defend them against unjust and extremist actions that infringe their fundamental rights.
Meanwhile, (the ministry) expresses its readiness to cooperate and enter constructive negotiations with the Argentine government to help reveal the realities based on mutual respect and within the framework of law in order to help prevent the continuation of the wrong path of judicial investigation of the case and to help administer justice in a way that suits everyone