IRGC deals another deadly blow to PJAK

July 27, 2011

TEHRAN – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps announced on Tuesday that its ground division has dealt another serious blow to PJAK (the Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan) in northwest Iran.

During a skirmish in Sardasht, West Azarbaijan, on Monday night, Basij members surrounded and killed a number of PJAK members but the rest of the criminals escaped.
Earlier, Press TV reported that 35 PJAK terrorists were killed during the clash.
According to the report, several PJAK members were also captured by the IRGC.
The IRGC has taken control of the terrorist group’s bases in the heights of Sardasht, and the attack on PJAK’s positions in the border areas of Iraqi Kurdistan is ongoing.
Iran has recently deployed 5,000 military forces in the northwest of the country along its common border with the Iraqi Kurdistan region.
The purpose of the deployment is holding military maneuvers with the aim of stabilizing the border area and fighting counter-revolutionary groups.
PJAK uses Iraqi Kurdistan’s soil as a safe haven for its terrorist acts in border areas. However, Nazem Dabbagh, a representative of Iraq’s Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in Iran, has said that the PUK does not have the military capability to prevent PJAK from taking action against Iran.
The PUK has not given permission to PJAK to establish bases near Iraq’s border with Iran and has not offered to cooperate with them either, Dabbagh told ISNA in an interview published on Tuesday