Iran says backs dialogue between rival groups in Lebanon

June 10, 2015 - 0:0

TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that Iran supports any political solution that is reached through dialogue among different rival groups in the country.

During a meeting with UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Sigrid Kaag in Tehran on Monday, Zarif also said Iran welcomes political stability in Lebanon.

Lebanon’s presidency has been vacant since May 2014 because lawmakers cannot agree on a candidate. Lebanese politics has long been dogged by sectarian divisions and personal rivalries but the war next door has exacerbated divisions even further.

“Any kind of political decision should be taken by the Lebanese and through dialogue,” Zarif stated.

He went on to say that the Lebanese people can reach a decision sooner if external pressure on the country ends.

Kaag thanked Iran for helping maintain peace and stability in Lebanon.

She stated that stability in Lebanon is important and should be preserved. She added that the UN supports political stability in Lebanon and insist on the need to avoid sectarian division in the country.

On May 25, Kaag urged Lebanon’s rival political leaders to pick a new president, saying the country’s year-long power vacuum had undermined its ability to deal with the impact of the Syrian crisis and a host of other problems.

“I urge Lebanon’s leaders ... to put national interests above partisan politics for the sake of Lebanon’s stability, and to show the flexibility and sense of urgency needed to resolve this issue,” Kaag said in a statement marking one year without a president.

She said the vacuum had hindered the country’s ability to tackle growing security, economic and social problems.


Foreign Minister Zarif says the Lebanese people can reach a decision soon if external pressure on the country comes to an end.