Book on Iranian diplomat martyred during Balkan war published

June 11, 2015 - 0:0

TEHRAN – A book on Iranian diplomat Rasul Heidari (Majid Montazeri) martyred by HVO, the main military force of the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has recently been published by Arma Publications in Tehran.

HVO (Hrvatsko vijece obrane) was the main military force of the Croats during the Bosnian War (1992-1995).
Written by Maryam Baradaran, the book entitled “Re” was introduced during a ceremony held at Sarv Cultural Center on Tuesday, the Persian service of MNA reported on Wednesday.

The book narrates the biography of martyr Rasul in three stages, the first of which centers on his journey back home from Bosnia where he served as a diplomat and a cultural activist in 1993.

The second chapter explores his adulthood, his participation in (1980-1988) the Iran-Iraq war, his life, his marriage and his studies.

His journey back to Bosnia and the last months of his life before he was martyred (1994) are also included in the third chapter.

Writer and researcher Alireza Kamari, who attended the ceremony, gave a brief explanation about his meetings with Rasul when they were in Rasul’s birthplace in Malayer (Hamedan Province) during the early months of the war.

Also participating was former Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi who called martyr Heidari the symbol of the glory and truth of the Islamic Revolution.

Abbas Javdani, a comrade of martyr Rasul in the war, called him a generous man and asked people to get the book and read it.

Bosnian cultural activist Sabahudin Shahic, who was also attending the ceremony, said that he took the first photos of Rasul after he was martyred.

He said that Rasul’s participation in the Bosnian war highly influenced him and his friends, and totally changed their lives.

He added that his country, Bosnia, has been through many difficulties over the past 100 years but Iranians have always helped his country.

Photo: A poster the unveiling ceremony of “Re”