Young Iranian scientist on journey to change the world

October 8, 2015

A 358-meter tower, symbol of peace and global health, will be erected in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, to hold the Dubai World Expo in 2020.

The initiative came from a young Iranian innovator, Sajjad Yaghoubi, who has is quite busy these days presenting his inventions at the Milan World Expo while seeking investors.

This symbolic tower will be known as one of the major tourist attractions not only in Dubai but other parts of the world. It has taken advantage of medicine and robotics in its architectural design.

??The exterior of the tower, which once is finished will be recorded in the Records of Guinness Book, is the world's largest exercise machine, exercising the eye muscles. Passersby can stare at the building for 5 minutes and have their fatigue eyes treated.

Also on behalf of the United Arab Emirates, the building will too be recorded as a symbol of peace and global health and world’s tourist attraction in the UNESCO.

The high tower, thoughtfully designed, also represents people of the five continents holding hands as a symbol of unity and peace.

Countries like the U.S., France and Qatar, to where Yaghoubi will be traveling soon, are looking forward to transferring the young entrepreneur’s knowledge to their countries.

Trade shows of inventions and electronics in Las Vegas, in the upcoming New Year, will also display Yaghoubi’s latest achievements.

Yaghoubi’s presence at the Milan World Expo has attracted particular attention to an extent that many investors have offered millions of dollars for his projects.