‘Family doctor scheme’ covers 38 million Iranians

November 12, 2015 - 0:0

TEHRAN — The family doctor scheme, which has already covered 23 million people across Iran, is now implemented in almost all cities between 20,000 and 50,000 people, adding 15 million people under coverage, Deputy Health Minister Ali Akbar Sayyari said, IRNA news agency reported on Wednesday.

The family doctor scheme is a national plan which started about ten years ago in small towns and cities with population of below 20,000 and covered some 23 million people, Sayyari explained adding that the administration has implemented the plan in cities with population of over 20,000.

This year the plan will be implemented in some cities with the population size of 50,000 or larger, he added.

Sayyari also noted that the family physicians not only diagnose the patients who refer to them and offer medical treatment in clinics but are due to provide preventive care and health education to the patients as well.

A trained team comprising of a general practitioner accompanying with two nurses are in charge of providing healthcare services to the citizens of each area, he said.

The plan will develop gradually as the need for trained physicians and the human resources are met, Sayyari added.

Sayyari reiterated that the most important infrastructure needed for this plan is electronic health records which must be available and easy to exchange nationwide in all areas.

“Electronic health records are now available in five cities and will be administered in other cities as early as possible,” he pointed.

Sayyari also explained that if a family physician recognizes that a patient is required to be transferred to specialized physicians, the patient is introduced to a subspecialty center to get the required treatment.

Preventing outbreaks, decreasing medical expenses and helping the public in finding the best specialist in case they need one are of the best advantages of this plan, he noted.