Israeli Gaza raids kill 10

July 3, 2007 - 0:0

GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Israeli military strikes have killed 10 Palestinians, including seven in northern Gaza and three in southern Gaza, Palestinian security sources say.

The Israeli attacks Wednesday came in an airstrike and tank shelling, the Palestinian sources said. Among the dead were members of Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Fatah. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) denied conducting an airstrike in Gaza, but said its forces did fire on a militant in eastern Gaza City, killing him. An IDF representative acknowledged a ground incursion by Israeli forces into the northern Gaza community of Shaja'iya, east of Gaza City, where two Palestinians died in the fighting. Israeli and Palestinian sources reported a second Israeli incursion in southern Gaza, near Khan Yunis. According to Palestinian security sources, three Palestinians were killed. An Israeli military spokesman said two soldiers were lightly wounded in southern Gaza when militants fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli tank