Some famous faces who left the art world over past year

March 16, 2016 - 19:52


* Sadeq Aiinevand (1951-May 7, 2015)


Islamic historian


He was the author of about 100 articles, including “Muharram Mourning Ceremonies during the Qajar Era in the Western Orientalists’ Views”, “The Study of Prophet Muhammad’s (S) Policy toward Non-Muslims”, and “Romanian Muslims during the Reign of the Communists”.


Aiinevand, who was the director of the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies in Tehran, also wrote over 30 books, including “The History of Islam” and “The Atlas of Islamic History”.


Aiinevand was honored for his achievements at the Fifth Eternal Figures Gathering in 2006.



* Mohammad-Ali Sepanlu (1940-May 11, 2015)


Poet, translator


In his books and articles, he tried to introduce modern advanced Persian literature. He was the author of “The Avant-garde Writers of Iran”, in which he surveyed a number of writers and their exemplary stories.


Sepanlu was the first Iranian poet to compose a poem in support of the Palestinian people.


He observed father of Iranian blank verse poetry Nima Yushij’s style in his works, and the stories in his poems were mostly set in modern urban places.




* Chahryar Adle (1943-June 21, 2015)




He was among the Iranian experts who compiled the necessary information to submit to UNESCO to register Persepolis, the Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat and Naqsh-e Jahan Square in the World Heritage List.


Adle edited and contributed to the proceedings of important seminars on art and archaeology as well as the social and cultural history of Tehran.


He also published several articles based on his field work at archaeological sites and monuments specifically relating to the medieval Islamic period in eastern Persia.


Adle, who was the emeritus professor of the French National Center for Scientific Research, was also the author of many books, including “Teheran Capitale Bicentenaire”.



* Abdolhossein Haeri (1927–Agust 22, 2015) 




Haeri who was also an expert on Persian manuscripts served as the director of the Majlis Library, Museum and Documentation Center for 20 years.


He was also a member of the board of compilers of the Dehkhoda dictionary, the most comprehensive Persian language dictionary, and had supervised the publication of several volumes of the series.


Haeri was selected and honored as one of Iran’s Eternal Figures in 2003.



* Homa Rusta (1946–September 26, 2015)


Actress, stage director


Rusta studied dramatic arts in Bucharest and returned home in 1970. She made her debut with “The Glass Wall” by director Samuel Khachikian in 1971.


The 32nd Fajr International Film Festival awarded her a Golden Simorgh for her lifetime achievements in 2014.


Rusta was the widow of the prominent Iranian stage director and playwright Hamid Samandarian, who died of liver cancer at the age of 81 in summer 2012.



* Rahim Moini Kermanshahi (1920-November 17, 2015)




Moini Kermanshahi spent many years working on composing the history of Iran into poetry and published several books.


His main concern was that the younger generation lacks sufficient knowledge about the history of their country and does not know the great men of their homeland.


“O Candles Burn”, “Nature”, “Sun of Night” and “Hafez Get up” are among his noteworthy credits.


He also collaborated with musicians and composers Ali Tajvidi, Parviz Yahaqqi and Homayun Khorram.



* Farajollah Salahshur (1953–February 27, 2016)


Filmmaker and actor


Salahshur began his career in cinema as an actor in “Pure Repentance” in 1983. However, he tried his hand at filmmaking with “Prophet Job (AS)” in 1993.


Salahshur was famous for making two series based on stories from the Holy Quran over the past decade.


“Prophet Joseph (AS)”, a TV series that was broadcast from IRIB’s Channel 1 in 2008 and 2009, was his most eminent work.


Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei gave him and his crew special kudos for making the TV series during a ceremony in November 2009.




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