Iran questing stability in the region

April 8, 2016 - 20:52

Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said in an interview that that his country is following stability in the Middle East amid the beleaguered scene in the region.

Minister Zarif has also noted that with the removal of sanctions, the country’s foreign policy will focus on stabilizing the region.

A practical indication of Iran’s attempts to restore peace and stability in the region has materialized itself in the form of tripartite gatherings with Turkey and Azerbaijan in Ramsar, north of Iran, and Azerbaijan and Russia in Baku.

During the sessions, participating sides, including Iran, exchanged ideas on a range of regional issues and came up with agreements, as well.

This multilateral regional endeavor is an indication of Iran’s resolution to benefit from all countries’ capacities so as to quell regional tensions.

Moreover, Zarif’s formal visit to Turkey, Iraq, and Pakistan indicate the quest for stability sought by Tehran is a strong and serious stride amid attempts by regional and global rivals to thwart the initiative.

Unstopped by opponents’ propaganda and resolute in its will, Iran seems to implement its plan to restore regional peace via joint cooperation with neighboring nations to battle terrorism and flourish economy.

A prerequisite of fulfilling this, as already shown by Iran, is to avoid further tension.

Contrary to this spirit of goodwill pursued by Iran, some regional countries have left no stone unturned to derail Tehran, dragging it into detrimental games through false accusations.

In such a situation, Iran is attempting to boost ties and pick side with regional countries practically interested in bringing stability back to the Middle East. 

Only through this, a long-term stable perspective for the Middle East will be on the horizon.


(Article is written by Hassan Lasjerdi, editor-in-chief)

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