Security is common concern of armed forces and diplomats: Rouhani

April 17, 2016 - 19:27

TEHRAN - President Rouhani said on Sunday that a mighty Iran does not pose any threat to the region, noting that the country’s diplomats and armed forces are both concerned about national security.

Rouhani made the remarks in a speech on the occasion of National Army Day, an annual event held to mark Army Day named by the late Imam Khomeini back in 1980.
“A mighty Iran militarily, politically, and economically won’t mount a threat to neighbors and other Islamic countries. The strength of other Islamic countries is ours and vice versa,” the president remarked.
Every year, Iran's armed forces hold parades across the country to mark National Army Day. This year the event fell on April 17. 
During this year’s version, Iran showed off parts of its new long-awaited Russian S-300 missile defense system.
The president also stated that strength of the Islamic Republic has a purely deterrent function, saying that Iran will respond based on “threat against threat” policy, cutting the “hands of aggressors.”

Mighty Iran does not pose any threat to the region,” president says

He added thanks to the Army keeping the country secure, there has been a flurry of visits to Iran to strike economic, scientific, and technological ventures. 
“Had it not been for the mighty army, it would have been impossible to achieve this,” Rouhani noted.

’Army beyond factional disputes’

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rouhani stressed that the Iranian Army does not belong to a particular “group or faction.”
“The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, according to Imam’s decree and will, and (also) tactfulness of the Supreme Leader, is an army belonging to the entire nation of Iran not to a particular faction or group. Nor is it sectarian.”
According to Rouhani, not only the Army but also all other armed forces should avoid being involved in factional disputes as it potentially means “the falling of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” 

'Common concern'

Also, in his address, Rouhani highlighted that national security, stability, and development as common concerns of the country’s diplomats and armed forces.
“We all pursue the same goal and likewise, our diplomacy and armed forces both pursue the same goal: national security, stability, and development.”
He added soft and hard powers stand side by side as this is not a contradiction in terms. “While armed forces are tasked with defending the country, diplomatic tools are used to watch the rights of the Iranian nation.”
Rouhani’s statements were a clear reference to rounds of nuclear negotiations with the six global powers over Iran’s nuclear program.
Rouhani, who also presides over the Supreme National Security Council, further noted, “Our diplomats defended the rights of the Iranian nation in the international arena and managed to abolish unfair resolutions passed against the country… Due to this, now our enemies attest that defense and missile capabilities are not relevant to the JCPOA and the 2231 resolution.”

‘Naivety and short-sightedness are features of those denying hard power and soft power’
The president also chided those who deny the necessity of hard power and soft power, branding them respectively as “naive and short-sighted.”

“Those who say we need no hard power are naive and those rejecting soft power are short-sighted.”

The president added despite differences the goal remains the same: safeguarding the people’s rights and national might.

No division among nation, government, and armed forces

Calling the Army “popular”, Rouhani said, “The enemy should bear in mind that there is no schism among our nation, government, and Armed forces. We are all fingers of the same hand.”






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