Kuwait Opposes Presence of Froeign Forces in PG

March 13, 1999
TEHRAN Kuwaiti Ambassador to Tehran Ali Soleyman al-Saeed Wednesday voiced his country's opposition to the permanent presence of aliens in the region. Speaking in a meeting with Interior Minister Hojjatoleslam Abdolvahed Mousavi Lari, ambassador al-Saeed expressed the hope that grounds will be prepared soon for the evacuation of these forces from the region. He also submitted a message from Kuwaiti Interior Minister Sheikh Muhammad Khalid al-Sabah to Hojjatoleslam Mousavi Lari. Stressing that time is ripe for the establishment of a closer cooperation in the region, Hojjatoleslam Mousavi Lari said that nothing can affect the current trend.

He said those opposing friendly ties between the two countries occasionally misrepresent Iran's profile as threatening the region. Whereas, he added, with the elapse of 20 years since the establishment of the Islamic Republic, in all regional developments Iran has protected interests of regional countries. Pointing to Iran's clear stance adopted vis-a-vis Iraq's aggression against Kuwait, Mousavi Lari said Iran is duty bound to preserve interests and official borders of regional countries.

He stressed that as the largest country in the region, Iran will not accept presence of aliens in the region. Mousavi Lari also called for exchange of political-economic delegations between the two sides as well as provision of further facilities for tourists from both the countries. Voicing Iran's readiness for providing facilities for regional tourists and businessmen, Mousavi Lari said in case of bilateral agreement, possibility exists for cancellation of visa for the businessmen.

He also announced Iran's readiness or reactivation of the joint security commission and for bilateral cooperation in such fields as receiving Kuwaiti investors in Iran, setting up border markets, fisheries, oil industries, machine manufacturing, petrochemicals and fight against smuggling.