MP demands watching UK envoy: grounds and outlook

September 9, 2016 - 21:3

TEHRAN – No matter Tehran and London have upgraded their relations to the ambassador’s level, said a senior Iranian parliamentarian on Friday, Tehran should keep a vigilant eye on Britain’s newly appointed envoy, given the perception here in Iran that the UK cannot be trusted anyway. 

“We should be very careful England doesn’t exceed its limits (in Iran) through its ambassador and acts only within the political framework outlined by the Vienna Convention and other international regulations,” said Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the chairman of the Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee. 
Iran and the UK restored diplomatic relations to the highest level by exchanging ambassadors on September 5 after a near five-year moratorium. 
The improvement of ties comes nearly one year after the signing of a deal between Iran and world powers, including the UK, over Tehran’s nuclear program.
The UK closed its diplomatic compounds in Tehran in November 2011 after being stormed by a crowd of protesters, itself a consequence of London imposing new sanctions on Iran at that time. 
“While the government (of Iran) has decided to upgrade relations, the British diplomat must always be watched as the country has had a negative record both before and after the Revolution,” the senior parliamentarian underscored. 
Relations between Iran and the UK have been checkered over the past century, starting with the Anglo-Persian Oil Company crisis and continuing with the 1953 coup that ejected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddeq who championed the first democratic movement against the Shah. 
Tehran insists London should apologize to the Iranian nation for the ill-fated movement. 
“The English should avoid repeating their past mischiefs, and their performance needs to be watched continuously,” said Boroujerdi. 
Although the Iranian parliamentarian remains pessimistic toward the future of relations between the two countries, it remains to be seen whether the opening will prove effective enough to work against such pessimistic signals.
At least there is some clue to believe that the situation this time will be a bit different now that London has more leeway to act politically and economically after the positive Brexit vote. 
Also, the two countries are now committed to the nuclear deal, a successful experience which can expand to other areas. 


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