IRGC calls on U.S. to leave Persian Gulf to avoid possible clash

September 15, 2016 - 12:8

TEHRAN – On Wednesday, the IRGC Navy chief called on the United States to withdraw its warships from the Persian Gulf in order to avoid any confrontation in the territorial waters of Iran. 

“The Americans should end their presence in the important region of the Persian Gulf in a respectful way in order to prevent problems,” Ali Fadavi said. 

There have been some incidents between IRGC speed boats and U.S. Navy warships in the Persian Gulf in the recent years. 

In the most recent one on September 25, four IRGC vessels made a quick intercept of a U.S. warship, what Washington described as “harassment” and Iran rejected as a common practice by IRGC forces.

In January 2016, the crews of two U.S. Navy boats were detained by IRGC Navy patrol guards after they strayed into the Iranian territorial waters. 

The IRGC Navy is responsible for the security of the Hormoz Strait, where a number of U.S. navy carriers and warships are present. 

Despite such incidents, Tehran and Washington, coupled with five world powers, thrashed out a deal in July 2015 over Tehran’s nuclear deal. 



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