Females outnumber males in 2016 university entrance exam in Iran

September 20, 2016 - 16:24

TEHRAN — As the final results for the Iranian university entrance exam, also known as Konkur, was announced, females who got admitted into the universities outnumbered males.

According to Sanjesh Organization, an Iranian organization in charge of coordinating and administrating Konkur, 57 percent of those admitted into the universities are females.

Out of 398,832 who got admitted to the universities nationwide 227,324 are females and 171,508 are males. Although in general 59 percent of the participants in the Konkur placement tests were females as well.

Of 9,193 who got admitted in the arts group 7,098 are females and rest are males, additionally some 9,485 females gained admission to the universities in foreign languages group while the number is almost reduced to one third in males with 3,260.

In the main group of the experimental sciences out of the 142,394 students admitted into the universities the number of females is almost twice as big as the males with 93,158.

Furthermore, the number of the females who succeeded in getting admitted in the main group of human sciences is some 74,179 while the males are 43,140.

However, the main group of mathematical sciences is the only exam group males outnumber the females with 73,777 while females are only 43,404.

The Iranian university entrance exam is held every year in June or July as one of the means for the participants to gain admission to higher education in Iran for obtaining a place in one of the public universities.

This year the exam was held in 369 cities nationwide and 19 countries abroad.


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