By Mohsen Pak Ayeen

Netanyahu’s visit to Baku doomed to fail

December 17, 2016

Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Baku is doomed to fail. The trip can only temporarily provide news stories for Israeli media outlets so that they can carry out a plan to end the regime’s isolation. The regime is so hated across the world that it cannot end its isolation and earn respect by one or two trips to Muslim countries.

A brief review of the possible goals and outcomes of the trip would lead us to consider the followings:

1. The main goal that the Zionist regime’s prime minister pursues by visiting Azerbaijan is to end the regime’s isolation and create schism among Muslim countries. This regime -- which has become isolated across the world due to its occupation of Palestine and its continuous atrocities against the people of this territory, as well as its war crimes and massacres -- attempts to end its isolation by visiting predominantly Muslim countries and covering up its crimes. In fact, Netanyahu needs these kinds of trips and that’s why he congratulated Azerbaijan’s National Day in an unusual move and said that he would visit Baku this year. He actually imposed this trip to the government of Azerbaijan. The Zionist media outlets have been publishing the news of this trip for two months and are in fact carrying out plans to end the isolation. Netanyahu’s next goal is to hurt ties between Iran and Azerbaijan. Fortunately, Tehran-Baku relations have developed in recent years in an unprecedented manner and are like a thorn in the eyes of Israel. So Netanyahu is attempting to disrupt the positive trend of relations between Tehran and Baku by this trip.

2. We, along with the Islamic community, did not expect Azerbaijan to agree to this trip because Azerbaijan is a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and based on the organization's resolutions, member states have been prohibited from having ties with Israel and taking measures that could lead to the end of Israel’s isolation. Muslim people of Azerbaijan, who hate the occupying regime, will be naturally unhappy because of this action of their government and will criticize the country’s authorities for it. It is shocking to see a country that has suffered from occupation, to host an occupying and criminal regime. Azerbaijan is aware of the consequences of occupation, and for years has suffered from the occupation of its territories which led to displacement of its citizens. How can this country overlook the occupation of the Palestinian territory and the displacement of Muslim people, and stand alongside the occupiers of Quds?

3. Israel’s loud speakers have announced that ties between Baku and Tel Aviv would lead to a strategic relationship. But the reality is that no Muslim country can have a strategic relationship with Israel, because this regime is the biggest threat to the security of the Islamic world. It has occupied the first Qibla of Muslims, and commits new crimes against Muslims on a daily basis. So, ties between Baku and Tel Aviv would never lead to a strategic relationship. In addition, having a strategic relationship means acknowledging the legitimacy of the occupation, and Azerbaijan, which considers itself as an opponent of the occupation of the Islamic territories, cannot be a strategic partner to Israel.

4. Last but not least, Netanyahu’s trip is doomed to fail and it only provides news stories for Israeli media for a short time with the whim of ending isolation. This regime is so hated across the world as well as among Muslims that it cannot end its isolation and earn respect by one or two trips to Muslim countries. Disrupting Tehran-Baku relations in this trip would also fail because ties between the two countries are solid and the officials of Iran and Azerbaijan are clever enough to prevent Israel from hurting their relations. Azerbaijan’s government has become aware of the Zionists’ dishonesty in recent years and it should not allow Tel Aviv to exploit its relations with Baku.

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