Salehi: Iran can undo its nuclear program

December 17, 2016 - 20:31

TEHRAN – The Iranian nuclear chief said on Friday that Iran can return to its previous nuclear program in response to violations of the nuclear agreement, ISNA reported.

“On the nuclear issue, Iran has not burnt its bridges and can return to its previous condition,” noted Ali Akbar Salehi, director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI).

The nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), is an international contract that was reached between Iran and the 5+1 group (the U.S., Britain, France, China and Russia plus Germany) in July 2015.

Salehi suggested that Iran should have put more time on the text of the nuclear agreement as to prevent any misinterpretation and ambiguity.

“With our present experience regarding America’s sanctions and its failure to fulfill its duty, we could have definitely reached a better deal,” he said.

Tehran has on numerous occasions questioned Washington’s commitment to the deal, accusing it of placing obstacles in the path of the JCPOA implementation.

The AEOI director further criticized Washington for not keeping its side of the bargain, saying, “Today, we clearly see that the Americans have broken their promises, and they have done so many times.”

On the implementation of the nuclear deal, Salehi, a nuclear physicist, said, “I’m responsible for the technical aspect of the nuclear negotiations and, Alhamdulillah, things go smoothly at the moment.”

“But we have run into troubles regarding the sanctions,” he said, adding that the other side – being the 5+1 group – has failed to meet its commitments.


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