Heydar Soheili Esfahani

From Aleppo to Ankara, Terrorism comes unmasked!

December 23, 2016 - 2:46

With the sound of the repeated shootings that targeted Russian ambassador to Turkey, everyone suddenly woke up.

The murderer was not a ragamuffin from the heart of the desert, setting foot in ancient Middle Eastern cities to pursue his rotten beliefs. He was a stylish young man, with a clean, shaved beard and the official uniform of Erdogan’s special police forces. He was among those who played the main role in the recent purge of the Turkish dissidents after the coup.

His motto of “revenge for Syria and Aleppo”– despite being an old religious motto – is the same one that the Syrian terrorists have used as their main slogan. Both this motto and his remark that “we die in Aleppo, you die here”, not only blurt out his tendency, but also suggest that the plan in which he was involved has failed.

Recent demonstrations in Turkish cities regarding the surrender of Aleppo– in which the face of many Arab extremists living in Turkey as well as religious fanatics were exposed – revealed that the extensive propaganda that was staged during the recent years in Turkey about the Syrian issues, is now out of the control of the main planners and provokers, and that many of those who participated in these demonstrations, had an eye on Erdogan, wondering why he does not do anything to save the mottos that were fed to them over the years.

According to the agreement between Russia and Turkey, at the same time with the overnight evacuation of the armed militants from Aleppo and transferring them to Idlib, citizens of the towns of Al-Fu'ah and Kafarya located in the northern region of Idlib Governorate were to be transferred to Aleppo, but the vigilantes – among these terrorists – regardless of Ankara’s order, burned the buses that were heading to these two towns.

Now the Turkish government is facing the aftershocks of its investments in the Syrian crisis; if a few days earlier the reactions were relatively peaceful that were controlled by the police, shortly afterwards, the Russian ambassador was shot dead by one of police forces who was among reliable forces chosen by the Turkish government.  

Regardless of the consequences of this big misstep that would incite the Russian bear to give a threatening growl that could resonate across Syria (maybe before all in Idlib), it can be said that today, a new front has been opened against Erdogan’s rule: the vigilante front!


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