Motorcycles to be subjected to tougher traffic restrictions

January 11, 2017 - 17:50

TEHRAN — Tehran City Council is planning on tightening traffic restrictions on motorcycles in the capital by March 2017, ISNA news agency reported.

Eqbal Shakeri, head of urban development committee of Tehran City Council has explained that all motorcycles must either obtain traffic zone stickers in order to enter the zones or have to conform with odd-even number plate scheme (where depending on the weekday the cars with only odd or even number plate were allowed to drive).

Motorcycles are also required to obtain vehicle inspection stickers and pay green-tax depending on their level of emission, Shakeri noted.  

Those who violate the rules will be easily tracked down by the traffic cameras, he stated.

“We hope to be able to discipline the motorcycles in the capital,” he added.

It is highlighted in multiple occasions that the carburetor motorcycles produce four to five times more pollution than a standard car and considering the number of the motorcycles in metropolises, measures to replace them with less environmentally threatening options or finding a way to impose restrictions on them are absolutely essential.


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