Obama warns against revoking nuclear deal on anniversary

January 16, 2017 - 21:1

President Obama marked the one-year anniversary of the Iran nuclear deal Monday by warning Americans — chief among them President-elect Donald Trump — that unraveling the agreement would bring “much worse” consequences, The Washington Times reported.

“The Iran deal must be measured against the alternatives,” Mr. Obama said in a statement.

He added, “The United States must remember that this agreement was the result of years of work, and represents an agreement between the world’s major powers — not simply the United States and Iran.” Russia, China, Germany, France, Great Britain and the European Union also are parties to the agreement.

Mr. Obama is leaving office at noon on Friday, when Republican Donald Trump will take the oath of office.

Mr. Trump has said he wants to renegotiate the deal, which lifted international sanctions against Tehran in exchange for limiting Iran’s nuclear program.

“Iran reduced its uranium stockpile by 98 percent and removed two-thirds of its centrifuges,” he said. “Meanwhile, Iran has not enriched any uranium at the Fordow facility nor used advanced centrifuges to enrich. In short, Iran is upholding its commitments, demonstrating the success of diplomacy.”


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