Russia, Iran agree on purchase of 12 planes

April 2, 2017 - 20:29

TEHRAN – Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak has said that there is already a “concrete agreement” between Russia and Iran for purchase of 12 planes.

Iran has shown interest in purchasing 100 Russia’s medium-haul Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) passenger planes, but the agreement has only been reached regarding 12 aircraft as of the moment, the Sputnik news agency quoted Novak as saying on Saturday.

“We are working out with our Iranian partners [on] supply of our Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. Our colleagues have confirmed that there is a concrete agreement for 12 planes already. In the short term, we are considering 30 aircraft. This is just the beginning because overall, the Iranians are interested in purchasing 100 Sukhoi Superjet aircraft,” Novak said.

He further said that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Iran in November 2015 made key developments in relations between the two states.

The official expressed satisfaction with the rise of trade between Iran and Russia in 2016 and said that Tehran-Moscow trade experienced a 98-percent growth in January 2017 compared to that of January 2016.

Last Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said talks were underway about exporting SSJ100 planes to Iran.

The SSJ100 is a twin-engine plane made by Russia's Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company. It can transport up to 98 passengers at a distance of up to 2,700 miles, and costs around $36 million in its basic configuration. The jet made its maiden flight in May 2008.

Tehran, Moscow to assemble helicopters in Iran

Last week, Russian Helicopters firm announced a joint venture with Iran’s Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO) to assemble KA-226 and Anset light civilian helicopters in Iran.

“We see that the demand for light helicopters is high in Iran, and the country needs them for civilian agencies” said Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginsky.

The joint venture between Russia and Iran would consider assembling light Ka-226 or Ansat helicopters. Iran uses almost the whole range of helicopters of this type: Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-171E, Mi-8MTV and Mi-17V-5s.

These medium-class helicopters are used for law enforcement and to fight organized crime. Just as in other countries of the region, Russian helicopters in Iran have become known primarily as machines that allow to perform tasks in high temperatures and at high altitudes.


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