By Hanif Ghaffari

Clinton's Trying to Return to the U.S. Political Scene

October 9, 2017 - 9:48

Although nearly one year has passed since the U.S. presidential election in 2016, the public opinion has still not forgotten Hillary Clinton's poor performance against Donald Trump.

Clinton, on the other hand, is still trying to blame her weakness in the campaigns and the failure of this political platform on the FBI and the U.S. security agencies. This is while Hillary Clinton's sharp downturn in the polls is more likely to be due to her lack of apparent marginalization with the Republicans. Many American citizens have rightly concluded that there is essentially no difference between Clinton and the Republicans.

Recent statements of the former U.S. Secretary of State on last year's electoral competitions should be taken into consideration.

The Democrat's candidate in the 2016 U.S. presidential election has considered the use of personal emails as her biggest mistake. She believes that this mistake has changed the presidential election equations for the benefit of Donald Trump last year. Hillary Clinton, of course, has said her political life will survive despite her failure in the 2016 election. Regarding the remarks of the former U.S. Secretary of State, there are some points that need to be addressed:

First, Hillary Clinton's main mistake was not about using her personal emails during Obama's presidency! Hillary Clinton's main mistake and other Democrat leaders was an illegal lobbying to push Bernie Sanders off the Democratic electoral campaign. At that time, the Democratic super delegates played an important role in Hillary Clinton's ascent to the final round of the electoral race. After Hillary Clinton's defeat in New Hampshire and Sanders 'spectacular show in the state, Democrat leaders did nothing to stop Sanders' final victory. The blockade of three million Democrats in New York, the majority of which belonged to Sanders, led to Clinton's victory in this state. Afterwards, Sanders could actually do nothing in confrontation with Clinton.

While according to the polls conducted in the United States, Sanders could have defeated Trump by 15 percent, Democrat leaders and the powerful Clintons family designed the competition in a way that eventually led to Hillary Clinton's reaching to the end of the race. She finally failed to resist Donald Trump and accepted the tough defeat against the Republican Party's controversial candidate. Therefore, the main mistake of Hillary Clinton and Democrat leaders has been to prevent a healthy competition inside the Democratic Party, a competition, which naturally resulted in Sanders' victory and his acceding to the final round.

Of course, not only Hillary Clinton, but also Democrat leaders do not admit to this big mistake. This mistake has been a betrayal of the votes of Democratic Party advocates. In other words, Democrat leaders, in support of Hillary Clinton, have been willing to lead their fans' votes in the inner party elections for the victory of Hillary Clinton. Another point is that Clinton has spoken of continuing her political life in the United States. It's a mistake all after her defeat in the presidential election of 2008 (vs. Obama) and 2016 (as opposed to Trump). It's clear to everyone that now there is no room for her maneuver in the American political space. Many American voters, and especially Democrat supporters, maintain that there is practically no difference between Clinton and the Republicans over taking stubborn and warring positions.

It should not be forgotten that during the presidency of George W. Bush, when Clinton was present in the Senate of the United States and as a Senator of the State of New York, she supported the Iraq war. It was while many Democrat supporters expected her to resist Bush and his entourage against going into war with Iraq. Later, after the failure of Republicans in Iraq, Hillary Clinton said that she was wrong about supporting the war! The mistake that ended in costing the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq and the West Asia region.

Furthermore, there's another point that can't be easily overtaken. Along with the mistakes of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat leaders, the FBI movements had an important role in Clinton's defeat. The announcement of Clinton's security case and her secret emails (on the eve of the election) has been a well-calculated plan by U.S. security agencies. However, Hillary Clinton's poor show at the televised and electoral debates was the main reason for her defeat in the election. On the other hand, if the Democratic leaders were to run for a healthy election and send Sanders to Trump competition, they could win the presidential competition. Sanders also had no security mistakes in his work, (like the disclosure of secret emails by Hillary Clinton). The same thing increased the strength of the Sanders against Trump. It was not unreasonable for many Republican leaders to fear the presence of Bernie Sanders in the final round of the presidential election last year. However, electing Hillary Clinton put the Republican leaders' minds at ease in this regard. Obviously, Hillary Clinton's talk of return to American political space is more like a political joke! Hillary Clinton tries to distort the American public's opinion about the main and strategic mistake of hers and her supporters in the Democratic Party by giving a false address. An attempt that ultimately can't have any benefit for her. Undoubtedly, Hillary Clinton and Democrat leaders will have to come up with more explanations to the public in near future about the secret dimensions of their rivalry with Bernie Sanders.

Finally, Hillary Clinton's statements about continuing to be on the U.S. political scene is a source of questions and concerns for American citizens. Will Hillary Clinton try to candidate once again in the 2010 presidential competitions? Will Democrats basically allow her to be present in this field once more? And is there essentially any credits left for the former U.S. Secretary of State to enter this field?

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