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Nobody will trust U.S. to engage in long-term negotiation: Zarif

October 15, 2017 - 18:1

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that nobody will trust any U.S. administration to engage in any long-term negotiation.

“Nobody else will trust any U.S. administration to engage in any long-term negotiation because the length of any commitment, the duration of any commitment from now on with any U.S. administration would be the remainder of the term of that president,” he told CBS News in an interview published on Saturday.

“I believe the Trump administration is closing its eyes on the realities of our region. We believe it will be important for the United States, for the Trump administration to exercise a reset in its cognitive disorder with regard to our region,” he said.

Zarif said that Trump’s move to decertify the Obama-era deal will undermine U.S. credibility internationally.

He described the nuclear deal as “a triumph of diplomacy” because all the deal’s other signatories are standing solidly with Iran. As far as they’re concerned, the deal is going ahead.

When asked about other potential fallout from the White House's change of position like Boeing’s ambition to sell Iran 80 new planes -- a deal worth billions -- he said as far he’s concerned Iran has no quarrel with American businesses.

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